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D.I.S.C.overing Your Personality DNA

D.I.S.C.overing Your Personality DNA

Do you wonder why other people don’t respond to life the way you do?
Why some people seem to naturally take charge, while others see the world through rose-colored glasses?
Have you noticed that some people are very mindful of the rules and details, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”?
While others are easy going, thoughtful and peaceful?
Why is it that what causes one-person anxiety, seems to motivate another person?
Why is communication so difficulty in the work place, families and sometimes with friends?


That is what we cover in Life Impact’s one-day seminar called “D.I.S.C-over your Personality DNA.”


Using the DISC behavioral model Life Impact provides a one-day seminar for any group, organizations, business, and non-profit for greater understanding of self and others. It is also available on DVD (formerly named Understanding Others by Understanding Yourself). Click here to order.


With this information you have a better understanding of behavior in yourself and the people you work and or live with. It will help you in every area of life in relationships.


The key to personal growth and successful communication with others is the knowledge and understanding of each person’s unique behavior style. Through this process you can improve morale, increase productivity and build a strong leadership team.


Life Impact utilizes the DISC descriptors to discover your “Personality DNA” and different individual’s preferred work style, communication style, as well as the value that each person brings to the team.


Participants will discover how individuals view the world differently and how to interact with people with different “Personality DNA.”


For information and fees contact us at info@lifeimpactllc.com or by phone 602-321-8810. Please feel free to visit our website www.lifeimpactllc.com.

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