The Impact Shift

ImpactShift-IconThe Impact Shift is Life Impact’s intensive 6-week leadership and personal growth process. Through this process, we focus on YOU and being a leader of yourself. Everyone that has gone through this life changing process has experienced paradigm Shifts that have positively impacted every area of their life.


Personal growth and development is the process of improving self-awareness, developing your talents and potential, overcoming self-limiting conditioning and gaining insight into what it means to be you. It means taking personal responsibility for your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual conditions to achieve your greatest dreams.


And YES, it takes action on your part. Sorry… no pixie dust, no magic pill. When you decide that you want to reach your potential, live your dreams and be the best you can be, you will commit to working on yourself. You are your best investment!


Take the time and ask yourself these questions:
Do I like where I am in life?
Am I getting the results I want?
What makes me happy?
What would I love to be spending my time doing?
Where do I see the greatest need for improvement?
How do I get from where I am to where I want to be?

Begin this transformational online process today. This process is also available to be brought through on an individual weekly basis – contact us for more information


YOU are your greatest investment! By investing in yourself and unlocking your dreams and potential, you bring the gift of you to the world. If any of this resonates with you, then it may be time for you to participate in The Impact Shift!

The online cost for this incredible investment is presently discounted at $299.00 for the entire process! And you have to the freedom to go through the process from home or from anywhere in the world! To register or for more information click here.


My favorite part of the process was learning, putting words to feelings, identifying negative behavior and self-limiting beliefs. Knowing with each module I was growing, evolving and transforming into my intended purpose.

My least favorite part of the process was the negative feelings it brought up, but in bringing them up Dr. McCray provided immediate solutions for dealing with those thoughts and feelings.

The modules that impacted me the most were Module 2-Self-Awareness & Module 3-The Reality of Change.  Self-awareness brought to my attention the self-limiting beliefs that I had carried from childhood and The Reality of Change brought awareness to the impact those limiting beliefs had on me and contributed to my current situation. Both brought an “awareness” I never had before.  With this increased knowledge I know how to move forward.

The exercise of reaching out to friends and loved ones impacted me powerfully to know the value and positive influence I’ve had on those around me. It was a gift to know I was loved and appreciated.

Dr. McCray’s teachings are anointed, life-changing, and relevant to the times we are living in. His approach is warm and engaging, He embodies wisdom and grace and teaches in a loving way that is so easy to digest.  My life will forever be changed by the information and ‘experience’ I encountered through this course.

“Thank you Dr. McCray and Felicia for making it possible to access these valuable tools for life. I look forward to taking additional courses and adding to my toolbox.”


Madalyn, October 2017

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