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Business Impact Solutions identifies keys to moving from a “manager” to a leader.


Think about it, to be successful, timing and mental toughness are needed to maintain maximum performance in the workplace or business. You, as a professional, use just as much energy and require just as much stamina and personal performance to deliver your best. This is where professional coaching can make a difference.

As a result of this relentless demand by the business environment, individuals, teams and the entire organization can benefit from as little as one person being coached. The impact increases dramatically when more people are coached on a one-to-one basis, in teams, as part of specific program, to embed learning after training and when a coaching approach is used as part of the management style. Through coaching you can learn where personal goals fit into group goals and ultimately the business goals.

Coaching produces targeted results in less time than any other learning intervention. Sales coaching or Executive coaching stimulates and manages the individual growth necessary to deliver business performance beyond present levels and beliefs of what is possible.


Improved employee retention
Improved morale and satisfaction
Increased productivity
Improved business relationships
Quantum increase in performance
Identify team members personal winning strategies
Enhanced staff management and leadership skills
Differentiated from the competition
Acts as the glue that binds together other development initiatives to ensure maximum impact




Are you an executive, leader, or aspiring leader looking for the best in executive coaching or leadership development?

Are you looking for experienced support to leverage your strengths and acquire the competencies, confidence and presence you need to dramatically increase your effectiveness?

Life Impact works with clients to:


Master the leadership, communication and emotional intelligence competencies they need to have a greater impact in their organizations.
Move past blind spots.(We all have them.)
Master the use of their time and take a more strategic view.
Apply lessons from 360 feedback assessments.
Learn how to develop and communicate a compelling vision for themselves and their organizations.
Learn how to coach. delegate and empower their teams towards extraordinary performance.
Thrive in change or transition.
Appreciate their unique strengths and walk the talk of leadership.
Learn to better manage elevated levels of stress, and operate from a more effective, sustainable, strategic, and inspired place.
Establish optimal work/life integration.
Grow, evolve and generate transformational results in their organizations.
Acts as the glue that binds together other development initiatives to ensure maximum impact


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