Transformational Coach Certification


This certification program was previously called Life Coach Certification, but after getting so much feedback from those that had gone through other life coaching programs and the results we, our coaches and clients have experienced we changed the name to Transformational Coach Certification.

That is what we are. Transformation agents.

Do you find people drawn to you for advice and encouragement. Do you tend to see the possibilities in people and want to help them get to where they want to go? Do you want to see people live out their purpose and destiny? Then Transformational Coaching may be your calling. And we have the tools and training to equip you to do it!


There are SO many benefits to becoming a Transformational Coach, some are:

Serve your Life’s Purpose
Honor another’s Life Purpose
Encourage others without passing judgment
Help individuals perform at their highest levels
Assist others to live in the possibilities
Support clients in their professional endeavors
Guide others to awareness in their personal lives


We have had people of all walks of life go through our Transformational Coaching program for different reasons. Some go through it and life coaching becomes their career, others go through it as an added skill to what they do already (behavioral health, foster services, re-entry programs, human resources, etc.) and others have gone through it to add to their public speaking and communication abilities.

When you go through the program, you also find yourself using the skills you’ve learned with family, friends, co-workers, etc. and impacting your sphere of influence.

The certification process is a 12-week TELESEMINAR program that covers the following key learning areas:
Coaching Application
Coach Communication Skills
Core Coaching Competencies
Tools & Assessments Application
Business & Career Development



12 Weeks of Intensive 1-hour weekly conference call training on Monday evenings at 6:00pm AZ/9:00pm ET
Electronic PDF workbook
Methodology Learning & Application
Lecture & Discussion
Coach Training Practicum
Client Forms
Buddy Coaching Practicum
Graduate Email & Phone Support (6 months from completion)
Business Building Tools
Access to ordering DISC Behavioral, Motivators and Emotional Intelligence assessments for your clients at a wholesale rate



Completed The Impact Shift (6-week online self-leadership course, you can click here to register of for more information.
Submitted application with references
Attended or watched at minimum (1) one Life Impact seminar


Registration Cost:$1595.00

For our next certification start date visit our Events page or contact us by phone at (602) 321-8810 or email us at info@lifeimpactllc.com.

Video Testimonials


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