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We are passionate about seeing people and organizations unlock and maximize their potential and fully express who they were made to be, in order to live with purpose. Our certified professional life and business coaches are equipped with the tools, techniques and desire to help you achieve your full potential.



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Allen McCray

Allen McCray

President & Founder


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The world around you is pretty good at telling you what “you need to change” it falls short on telling you how to make changes. Failure to make positive changes is often viewed as lack of good character, moral failure, lack of the will to change, or a lack of faith to do so.

Life Impact came about as a result of my own personal makeover and the transformation of the people I have worked with over many years. The fruit of this labor has produced workshops, seminars and one-on-one processes that continue to empower people with the tools they need for sustainable change.

As one who struggled for many years from an unhealthy emotional state, resulting in years of unwanted anger, depression and mountains of limiting beliefs, I can personally testify to the transformational power of our processes. These tools have enriched my life, the life of my family and the lives of those around me.

The biggest surprise to most people is that positive, sustainable change does not come from willpower or even the act of positive thinking, which is often thought of as faith. Lasting change can only take place at an experiential level.

Now, my goal is not only to continue working with people, but to train and prepare others with the tools needed to equip the next generation to live from an emotionally healthy place.

More about Allen “Doc” McCray:

Allen McCray is a certified professional behavioral analyst through Targeted Training International with in-depth training and experience in professional, personal and relationship growth and development. He is a certified Life Coach with Coach Training Alliance, a certified Relationship Coach with Relationship Coaching International and a Mentor Coach/New Life Story Coach with Mentor Path Coaching. He also holds graduate degrees in counseling, as well as Marriage, Family and Child therapy.

Allen is a life-long learner and his teaching style is entertaining, transformational and empowering. Allen has conducted Life Impact seminars and workshops in many different countries and across America. His business, administrative and educational background gives him unique insights to the needs of business and personal growth and development.

Life Impact provides a training environment for optimum growth through seminars, workshops, personal coaching, counseling to individuals and business.


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Life Impact Coaches


Felicia Leija

Felicia Leija

Associate and Live Well Coach


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Felicia is a former Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Youth Counselor, and Core Volunteer with Elevate International a non-profit organization. She joined Life Impact in January 2013. She is Certified through Life Impact as a Life Coach, a Personality Behavioral Analyst, an Emotional Intelligence Coach and a Values and Motivators Analyst.

She is Certified through the Global College of Natural Medicine as a Nutrition and Weight Management Coach and a Certified Raw Foods Chef and instructor. She is currently the administrator for Life Impact.


Lourdes Siercke

Lourdes Siercke

Administrative Assistant & Affiliate


Lourdes Siercke is a motivational speaker and a Life Impact Affliate who inspires others to find their unique purpose. She enjoys seeing people empowered and living an adventurous life.

Lourdes has spoken at conferences in Phoenix, Brazil and Haiti. She has mentored many teenagers, as well as young woman throughout the years. She has life-coached people of all ages through their process of restoration, reconciliation, and transformation.

What makes Lourdes unique is her own story; her siblings and herself where raised by a loving single mother in a state of poverty. As, a child she moved schools every year and had traumatic experiences that left her feeling ashamed and alone. She suffered with low self esteem even as an adult, which lead to her having many failed relationships and friendships. She finally got tired, so she started seeking the truth. Through the process she met people that guided & mentored her into her unique purpose. Lourdes fell in love with the idea of helping others get out of the same rut she was in. She believes every person is unique with a wonderful purpose.



Life Impact Associate Coaches


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